Malena Raud

Malena Raud

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나이: 19
생일: 16 팔월

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Hi I'm Malena, 15 years old. I'm from Switzerland, so I can speak german, english and a bit of french.

But I'd like to learn korean. I plan to go to Korea in a few years, when I've finished my apprenticeship as a chemist. I really like Kpop and the korean food. ^-^

I'm practising tetrathlon, it's a combination of swimming, running, showjumping and dressage riding. I really like music, in every free second I've got, I have to listen to it. I like dancing and singing too. And I love to draw and paint, especially portraits, but I'm still learning it. ^-^

Well, if you want me to teach you a language, just send me a message, I always enjoy to make new friends. Don't be shy to contact me, just do it. :D

And please teach me how to speak korean. I'd really like to learn it.

Have a good day everybody! :)


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