Rali Vaskova

Rali Vaskova

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My name is Ralitsa, but all my friends call me Rali.

I live in Bulgaria and I am keen on learning languages. I graduated in Slavic philology with Slovak language five years ago. Unfortunately I use mostly English in daily life and work. I adore Slovakia. I lived there for almost a year. I love the culture, people and nature. I miss Bratislava. I miss the Old town. And every touch to Slovakia, no matter if it is a movie, or a song, or when I just listen to Fun radio, brings me great joy and happiness. I need someone to help me practice my Slovak language and help me bring all my knowledge back.

I am also interested in Russian. I have the basic and also need to practice, but with someone really patient, because I have this great mix in my head of Slovak and Russian and unwittingly I substitute words and grammar.

I am also interested in Korean language, which I loved from the movies. Last year I happened to find a teacher here in my home town (and that was a real miracle!! believe me). We could meet for like five or six lessons and I learned the alphabet, a little bit grammar and some general expressions. Unfortunately she had to move and I could not continue on my own. So if anybody feels optimistic about helping me with this lovely language, I will be 100% happy.

And last but not least I really would like to speak Italian some day. That is because of my big love for Italy, which is my romantic everything. Italy for me is equal to romance. So my wish to learn the language is not based on practical need, it comes from my heart and soul. I have this small phrasebook and whenever I have time and feel romantic I open it and read. It would be so wonderful if someone felt inspired to teach me some general expressions, some words that I might use in my journeys to Italy. And step by step I might speak fluently some day, who knows :)

I can help with Bulgarian and English (as far as I can, because after all it is not my native language, no matter how comfortable I feel with it :) )

So please,

feel free to contact me :)

Have a lovely and sunny day :)


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